21st Century Sustainable and Sustaining Cities

Rooftop Farm

We at Studio G strive to create buildings that are beautiful inside and out and work well for the people who use them. That’s what we are supposed to do — we are architects. However, Studio G Architects are just as committed to creating buildings which contribute positively to their environment, to building sustainable communities where we work.

US cities today are rife with a litany of problems so frequently noted in the media that it is too easy to become hardened to the painful reality of them, to decide that they are intractable:
-Rampant unemployment, especially among young people of color
-Inadequate or unavailable shelter
-Insufficient and/or unhealthy food
-Widespread childhood obesity
-Violence perpetrated on and by young people

One wonders what we, as architects, can do. Architecture in and of itself certainly cannot solve such pervasive social and economic problems. However, we architects are inherently optimistic. We know how to create a vision of what isn’t yet real, to imagine a better future, to design and realize it.

I believe the challenge we face today, to make these ‘intractable problems’ history, requires the transformation of our cities into 21st century sustainable and sustaining cities. To do so requires vision, collaboration and an integrative approach. This blog is my first in a series exploring elements of this vision of 21st century sustainable and sustaining cities.

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