City of Boston Announces Urban Agriculture Initiative

Talk about good timing! In relation to our posts on urban agriculture, we were excited to hear that Greg Watson, a long time leader on sustainability and new approaches to agriculture, has been appointed by the Governor as the Mass. Commissioner on Agriculture.  

In addition, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the City of Boston just announced an exciting new urban agriculture initiative. The project aims to create:
“an environment in which all of our citizens–particularly the most underserved–have direct access to locally produced fresh food, the ability to produce food for themselves, and access to education and knowledge about healthy eating.”
Objectives for the Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Initiative include:
1. Increase access to affordable and healthy food, particularly for underserved communities.
2. Promote economic opportunity and greater self-sufficiency for people in need, including increasing the capacity of Boston residents and business and grow and distribute local and healthy food.
3. Increase education and knowledge around healthy eating and food production, particularly among youth.
4. Increase partnerships with, and/or between, local and regional food producers
5. Increase healthy food supplies to local schools, organizations, institutions and corner stores.
The BRA’s Urban Agriculture Rezoning Initiative is one of a number of City initiatives designed to support these objectives. To learn more, please visit:

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