Water HOG

Space is precious. Water is too. 

Rainwater HOG - horizontal application

Rainwater HOG – horizontal application

How do you store rainwater unobtrusively in a residential scaled-system that’s simple and affordable?

That is the question Australian architect Sally Dominguez tackled with her new water tank designed specifically for dense urban areas.

When Dominguez began exploring rainwater management, she found that most available products were designed exclusively for rural use, their scale and shape unsuitable for urban applications where space is at a premium. As a result, she created an innovative new product, called a HOG that fits snugly into typically underused zones such narrow alleys, under-floor spaces and wall interiors. The HOG is extremely flexible and ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications. It is also completely modular, which means a single tank can be used, or an entire array can be easily assembled like a kit of parts. Once rainwater is stored, it can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, etc to help reduce household water usage.

HOG's in action

HOG’s in action

To learn more about this exciting new technology visit:



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