The Power of Why



“Good design thinkers observe. Great design thinkers observe the ordinary.”   – Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

At Studio G Architects, we believe the creation of functional, beautiful and innovative designs starts with observation. We try to look at a project from multiple angles – at both macro and micro scales. This helps us fully understand challenges, context and possible opportunities. We take great care to listen to our clients; we help them identify their needs and wants, and eventually translate those desires into a built environment.

A critical element of this information gathering process entails question-asking. As Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, recently wrote, “For design thinkers, asking ‘Why?’ is an opportunity to reframe a problem, redefine the constraints, and open the field to a more innovative answer. There is nothing more frustrating than coming up with the right answer to the wrong question.” Brown encourages designers to be curious, and to study ordinary situations that we may otherwise take for granted. For architects, these moments can tell us a lot about a given program, a client’s unspoken needs, a space’s functionality, people’s perception, etc.

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