Rockland Bid Announcement


The Rockland Municipal Senior Center, designed by Studio G Architects, is currently out for bid to contractors.  The 9,200sf wood-frame new construction project is the culmination of years of effort by the Rockland Council on Aging to provide an appropriate space for Rockland’s aging population.  They will now be able to offer a broader range of programs for seniors in the day and evening, including the all-important mid-day meal.  The center contains a large commercial kitchen for preparation of lunch and Meals on Wheels, and doubles as training space for students from North River Collaborative to learn culinary vocational skills. The large luncheon and movie gatherings, as well as smaller group activities, are accommodated in the reconfigurable Cafe and fitness rooms which offer expansive views to outdoor activities and the landscaped surroundings. A more intimate environment is found in the Living Room which is warmed by a fireplace and wood paneling.

Sustainable elements such as natural ventilation, ample daylighting, a multi-pipe chilled beam system and environmentally conscious interior finishes were integrated into the design from the earliest stages.

While not an official disaster shelter, the center is equipped with a generator, emergency shower and other features to protect inhabitants in case of major storms.

Stay tuned for future project updates!


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