The Next Generation of Designers

Last week we were thrilled to host a group of high-school students and aspiring architects from Youth Build Boston at our office. The visit started with a brief tour led by Studio G Job Captain, Meghan Krieger, who introduced staff members and highlighted elements of our recent office renovation. Next, Managing Principal, Gail Sullivan, presented a selection of Studio G work, from the Green Roof @ Boston Latin School to Greater Egleston Community High School. We were extremely impressed by the students’ enthusiasm, curiosity and energy. And boy, did they ask some intelligent questions! We fielded queries about storm water runoff, CO2 emissions, engineering vs architectural responsibilities, community involvement, design process and more.

Then it was time to hand the stage over to the students for a presentation of their own. The group divided into two sections, each presenting recent design work in an informal ‘mini-critique’. One group focused on improving the workflow and layout of the Boston FabLab for the South End Technology Center, while the second group analyzed the existing conditions of a site at Bartlett Yards. As each student stood up and described his or her contribution to the project team, we were struck by their creativity and thoughtfulness. A series of computer and hand-drawn diagrams illustrated a wide array of studies, ranging from daylighting, wayfinding, materiality, circulation, program, safe/dangerous zones, topography, site conditions, pedestrian traffic, and adjacent context.

As the visit concluded, Gail polled the group, asking how many were interested in pursuing a career in design. The result? More than half the crowd raised their hands! Here’s to the next generation of designers!

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