Pushing the Green Envelope with Micro Housing

Sample micro-unit layout designed by Studio G Architects

Sample micro-unit layout designed by Studio G Architects

A growing urban population is pushing officials in cities like San Francisco and Boston to re-evaluate the future of housing.  We were thrilled to discover a recent article in the Boston Globe describing Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s newly unveiled plan to add 30,000 housing units by 2020, saying the city must accelerate its housing production to meet the needs of young workers, middle-class families, and seniors.

As an active participant in the micro-housing discussion, Studio G sees tremendous potential for new multi-unit construction. To be a world-class city, we need to maximize the city’s limited real estate in a sustainable and creative manner. In many cases, both market-rate and affordable housing require increased density (i.e. more dwellings per parcel) to be viable. This requires smaller, more flexible and highly efficient units with quality shared amenities and convenient adjacencies to public transportation. Historically, Boston hasn’t allowed dwellings under 450sf, but this change in policy will create an exciting opportunity for different types of dwellings, allowing the city to construct ultra-efficient buildings that will not only strengthen our community and economy, but that could collectively produce more energy than they consume.

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