Charter schools in the news

Various Charter School Projects by Studio G Architects

Various Charter School Projects by Studio G Architects

Today there are more than six thousand charter schools operating across the country, and the need for additional facilities and programs is increasing rapidly. In Massachusetts alone, approximately 45,000 children are currently on charter waiting lists (source:

Studio G has worked with several charter schools, including Sturgis Charter Public School, Prospect Hill Charter School, Hill View Montessori Charter School, and Innovation Academy Charter School. The scope of our design services spans a wide range – renovations of existing structures, long-term master planning, and expansive new construction. As architects, it is important for us to stay abreast of trends, news and opportunities that may benefit our charter school clients. As such, we’ve assembled a collection of relevant articles about available funding sources (grants, loans, bond financing), important facts, statistics and more.  Enjoy!

6 funding sources for charter school construction:

Great post outlining myths & realities about charter schools:

23 things you need to know about charter schools:

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