Urban Agriculture in Boston

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Urban Agriculture: The cultivation, processing and distribution of food within a city.

As a critical element in the creation of sustainable cities, urban agriculture helps create a network of city villages where people can live, work and play. It can provide jobs, support and services for people in need, while ensuring access to healthy food, outdoor space, and the social network we all need for healthy, balanced lives.

Last year we were pleased to learn about the Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Initiative, which aims “to establish an environment in which all of our citizens–particularly the most underserved–have direct access to locally produced fresh food, the ability to produce food for themselves, and access to education and knowledge about healthy eating.”  As a next step in this process, the Boston Redevelopment Authority is rolling out a subsequent Urban Agriculture Rezoning Initiative designed to support the project’s objectives.

The next meeting of the Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Working Group will take place on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. in City Hall, 9th Floor, BRA Board Room. The tentative agenda for this meeting includes the following topics:

I. Final Soil Safety Protocol for Urban Farms

II. Update on Roof Level Farming and Fire Safety Concerns

III. Continued Discussion of Options to Potentially Include Non Commercial Community Farming and Gardening into draft Article 89

IV. Update on Schedule and Media Materials for Neighborhood Meetings

Want to learn more and get involved?

Public Process and Schedule
After the Mayor’s Working Group provides comments in early 2013, BRA staff will fan out to Boston neighborhoods in spring 2013 to present and hear feedback on Draft Article 89. Following the neighborhoods meetings, there will be formal hearings before the BRA Board and Zoning Commission in summer 2013.

For scheduled meetings, check the “Events” Calendar on the BRA website at: “http://www.bostonredevelopmentauthority.org/Home.aspx”

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