Earth Day 2013: Green Goals

Impressive solar panel installation at a Studio G staffer's home

Impressive solar panel installation at a Studio G staffer’s home!

Earth Day is coming up on April 22! In conjunction with The Earth Day Network’s “Acts of Green” campaign, the Studio G team collected pledges to act green in 2013. While we strive to integrate sustainability and environmental stewardship into our design work and business practices every day, it’s nice to take some time and reflect on our personal goals for the year.  Here are some of our own green goals:

  • Reduce my carbon footprint by not be eating meat or dairy one day a week.
  • Ride my bike!
  • At home, we installed rooftop solar panels to power our house and our electric car (see photos above).  My green goal for 2013 is to drive within the constraints of my solar-powered electric charged car.
  • “Go Local” as much as possible (including wedding planning!)
  • Start a vegetable garden, grow something (hopefully) edible and eat it.
  • Use less paper. Archive my files digitally instead of printing everything.
  • Focus on a more plant-based diet instead of relying on animal protein – eating less than 6oz of meat a week (down from 56 oz. a week!)
  • Creatively incorporate plants into my everyday spaces.
  • Start a compost bin.
  • Use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products in my home.
  • I’m getting creative cooking with vegetables and discovering new ones along the way (who knew I’d like Chard so much!)
  • Use public transportation as much as possible.
  • Support my town Farmers Market.

Have a green goal of your own? Share it with us!

To learn more, please visit:

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