Pocket Parks make their mark

Paley Park in NYC

Paley Park in NYC

As we’ve previously reported (https://blogstudiog.com/tag/micro-units/) the dialogue and development of microhousing (a catch-all term for sustainable, ultra-compact dwellings with shared amenities) is growing. The creation of flexible, highly efficient and densely organized units is a sustainable option that helps maximize a city’s limited real estate and house a growing urban workforce.

And some designers and city officials are taking the logic of microhousing one step further, applying the basic principles of small, dense, and shared to green space. The result? Pedestrian friendly ‘pocket parks’ or ‘parklets’ are popping up in cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Boston. These parklets, often no bigger than 120 sq.ft., breathe new life into previously disregarded sites. Vacant lots, irregular parcels of land and wedges of interstitial urban space are re-invigorated with greenery, seating, bike racks and other amenities for public use.

“People want to feel like they belong to a community, and [parklets] provide that space — not just for building community, but also economic development. This is a way of being creative and creating space in … limited areas, in places with high density.” -Councilman Jose Huizar, co-sponsor of the LA parklets pilot program

Sound interesting? Want to help shape the green spaces in your community? The City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department is currently reaching out to users of the parks, playgrounds, and other open city spaces to learn about usage and improvement opportunities. Click the link below to complete their public input survey and help improve your parks and open spaces:



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