Old meets new in Roxbury

Last week the Boston Globe gave an inside look at the Bolling Building, which will house the new Roxbury Innovation Center and administrative headquarters of the Boston Public Schools later this spring. Envisioned as a catalyst for new development in the long-awaited revitalization of Dudley Square, the project faced the architectural challenge of stitching together three separate structures in various stages of decay to create a cohesive whole.

“As an urbanist, I am thrilled to see the Ferdinand repurposed to public use, and reestablished as a hub of city life in Dudley Square.  As an architect, I am equally excited to see the city embrace a decidedly modern  building for BPS headquarters.  The contrast between historic and modern is just the dynamic design Dudley needed.” – Gail Sullivan, Managing Principal, Studio G Architects

To read the full article and learn more about this interesting project designed by Sasaki Associates and Mecanoo,  please visit: http://ht.ly/J1izO

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