Staff Spotlight: Jessica Wilson

Jessica_Wilson1Happy Tuesday! Today we’re thrilled to introduce another new Studio G-er to our ranks: Jessica Wilson. A graduate of Roger Williams University’s rigorous Architecture program, Jessica’s artistic eye, collaborative approach and broad-reaching design interests are a terrific addition to our growing design team.

In the Studio G Questionnaire below, Jessica explains how living ‘la dolce vita’ in Florence inspired her to look at the world, and why cake makes everything better…


What is your design philosophy?

My design interests are rooted in creating socially and environmentally responsible places.  I’m intrigued by how design affects people’s relationships with each other and their surroundings.

What is your favorite book and/or movie?

My favorite movie of all time is Across the Universe, it got me through many late nights in studio in college.

Has your career taken you anywhere you didn’t expect?

Studying abroad in Florence, Italy introduced me to many beautiful cultures and broadened my perspective in unforeseeable ways.  I learned how to look at everything through the eyes of a tourist and appreciate the beauty of both the built and natural environments everywhere I go.

Mixed-media art by Jessica Wilson

Mixed-media art by Jessica Wilson

When did you first become interested in architecture as a possible career?

My dad is a project manager at a construction company and when I was little he would bring home pads of graph paper for me to draw on.  I drew many iterations of plans and drawings of my “dream house.”  While other kids wanted to play teacher or doctor, I always wanted to play designer.

What is your most memorable Studio G moment? OR What excites you most about working with Studio G?

I’m thrilled to be working in a collaborative team-based environment where everyone is given a high level of involvement and am loving working on larger scale urban projects. The 4 or 5 birthday parties (with cake!) that happened during my first three weeks here weren’t bad either!

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