BRA citywide master plan

The JP Gazette recently published an article confirming the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) intent to create the first citywide land-use master plan in over 50 years. Both large and small neighborhoods, such as our own nearby Jamaica Plain Washington Street corridor, will be included in an effort to coordinate future development and create a coherent plan for the City. Crafting a new vision for Boston is timely – and necessary – especially as the city approaches its 400th birthday in 2030.

The master plan will be done in conjunction with the Mayor’s most recent housing plan, and will explore the possibility of Boston serving as host to the 2024 Summer Olympics. However, the BRA is quick to add that:

“Our vision for the citywide master plan should be driving the Olympics, not the other way around.”

We couldn’t agree more. We were also encouraged to learn that several ‘strategic planning nodes’ or ‘growth zones’ (including JP’s Washington St area) have been identified and will undergo community engagement processes to ensure neighborhood and City goals and interests are properly addressed. Along with much-needed zoning code reviews, this newly announced master plan effort is a step in the right direction for Boston – and the Studio G team looks forward to seeing the long-awaited plan unfold, and to participate in any way that may be helpful!

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