Fowler Clark Epstein Farm Event

The Fowler Clark Epstein Farm is being infused with new life as an urban farm and education center!

Visions of that future were on site at the fund-raising kick off event which was energized by a who’s who of community leaders and most importantly, by a community eager for the farm presence in the neighborhood. It was inspiring to the gathering, which included the Mayor, Boston’s Housing Chief and ISD Commissioner, as well as housing developers and advocates, preservation advocates, and of course the incredible network of urban agriculture advocates and activists.

Now, with feasibility work complete, HBI has put together an impressive consortium of partners and supporters, and is launching the fundraising effort to turn the dream into a reality.

Tell everyone you know, and give! give! give!

Marty at Podium

group photo 2

crowd photo

Clark Farm group photo

Thank you to the Urban Farming Institute of Boston for the photos!

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