Multi-Family Passive Housing Comes to New England

The Bostonomix story from NE News Collaborative on multi-family passive housing highlighted two regional projects meeting Passive House standards.  It reflects a larger trend in pushing energy efficient design in buildings, as exemplified in a Studio G design for 322 housing units in Roxbury, MA.  We aim to make it 45% more energy-efficient than similar buildings in 2021 when opening is projected.  Our design team is exploring Passive House approaches that can be incorporated to deliver a great and healthy living environment to the residents and the neighbors, as well as long-term value to the owner.  Key Passive House principles we are employing are robust building envelope with very tight air-sealing, triple-glazed windows and thick insulation, ultra-efficient heating and cooling, and 100% fresh outdoor air with energy recovery.  Residents will enjoy great indoor air quality, exceptional thermal comfort, reduced energy costs.  Large scale photovoltaic system is being planned for additional energy use offset.  In addition to the energy savings, rainwater harvesting will practically eliminate irrigation needs for the project landscape.

Click here to read the full story.

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