Studio G brings Inclusive Design to READS Academy

Studio G Architects is very excited to be working with READS Education Collaborative on the Feasibility Study and Schematic Design for their new K-12 Academy in Middleboro. Comprised of 18-member school districts, READS’ serves children from ages 3 to 22 with social, emotional, or behavioral issues as well as those who are deaf and hard of hearing. The new Academy will meet the collaborative’s mission to “provide creative, flexible solutions that promote the success and well-being of each child, adolescent and adult learner”. Three key fundamentals are needed to achieve READS’s vision:

  • Inclusive Design for K-12 Schools
  • Design for Therapeutic Environments
  • Project Based & Vocational Learning Spaces

Through a variety of projects, our team brings a depth of experience to address each.

Inclusive Design for K-12 Schools

Studio G’s experience with educational collaboratives and schools that serve students with special needs began with a renovation and addition for Beacon High School (now the Walker Beacon School), a therapeutic high school for students with mental health, social, and emotional challenges. To serve the educational model focused on arts and experiential learning, the renovation/addition provided a painting studio, ceramics studio, music room, photography classroom and darkroom, as well as wood shop and culinary arts kitchen.

Design for Therapeutic Environments

Studio G believes that intentionally-designed buildings and landscapes help transform lives. At Greater Egleston Community High School, a pilot Boston Public School serving students with social and behavioral issues, Studio G designed a learning environment where students could receive the support they needed and thrive. The renovated industrial building and car barn are filled with airy classrooms, arts spaces, and a large multi-purpose community space.  Offices and small group spaces for social workers, therapists and counselors are scattered between classrooms to build a supportive learning community.

Project Based & Vocational Learning Spaces

The 1400-student K-12 Atlantis Charter School in Fall River features a ‘Career Academy’ for grades 7-12, with five tracks – Health, STEM, Business + Entrepreneurship, Teacher Development, and Arts/Culture & Design. Studio G designed dedicated classrooms for each with glazed walls to the upper school cafeteria, entrance, and courtyard. The STEM lab engages students in ‘design thinking,’ with access to computer-aided design software, several 3D printers and an adjacent tool room to support diverse learning activities. Health students learn to diagnose and speak with patients utilizing ‘SimMan,’ a life-sized robotic mannequin on a hospital bed.

For a school like READS Academy, thoughtful visioning sessions and thorough educational programming is needed. This collaboration has begun with READS, Education Programmer David Stephen of New Vista Design, and OPM, CGA Project Management.

As we continue to move deeper into the study we look forward to a strong, synergetic relationship with the entire team that will make READS’ vision for the new Academy a reality for all of the individuals it serves.

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