Building Community – Join us at the BSA

What does it mean to design in the “public interest”? At Studio G Architects’ our vision of building sustainable communities encompasses environmental, economic and social sustainability. We believe architects have a unique opportunity and responsibility to respond to 21st century challenges. We embrace our critical role as designers:

  • to preserve our planet by responding to climate change; sustainable design has always been our foundation
  • to meet social needs for housing, education, healthy neighborhoods and lively commercial districts
  • to help develop a vibrant economy that supports local communities

Gail Sullivan will join panelists Sam Batchelor from designLAB architects and Patricia Nobre from Gensler, along with moderator Gretchen Rabinkin for a lively discussion about projects that explore the goals of public interest design. Register today for this free panel on February 27th at 6 pm.

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