Celebrating 20 years of Women in Design

When I began my architectural career in the 80s, about 5% of architects were women, and I searched for role models. Luckily for me, several women who received the WID award before me were those role models. Whether I knew them or not, the fact that they were present and visible meant so much. I feel honored to be among the women in this exhibit and in architecture practice, and I am thrilled that women of succeeding generations, have many women to see as role models.

Making space within the profession is critical, not just for women but for everyone, so that our profession reflects the diversity of our communities, and benefits from the diversity of perspectives as they apply to design.

Three foundational principals drive my approach to design:

  • to utilize design to serve the public interest and advocate for those under-served by development
  • to protect our blue-green planet and connect people in a joyful way to their natural and built environment
  • to mentor younger design professionals committed to social and environmental sustainability.

The first two motivated me to found Studio G Architects. The latter has been a delightful outcome. Studio G staff are at the center of the exhibit because we work collaboratively both internally and with others.

We believe that architecture has the potential to educate, engage, and transform. We educate through our process, and in the experiences activated by our spaces. We engage people in collaborative processes, driving toward a shared vision and synthesizing many perspectives into a single rich and layered vision.  We strive to transform lives in the types of projects we design.

Projects (clockwise from top left):  Energy positive affordable housing in Roxbury. The commons of Sturgis High School, an International Baccalaureate high school in Hyannis. An elementary school art room in Easthampton PK-8. The cafeteria/commons in Excel Academy in East Boston. Three-tiered bunks at Y2Y Harvard Square, a shelter and services program for youth at risk of homelessness in Cambridge. Boston Prep Middle/High School in Hyde Park. 270 Centre, sustainable affordable housing and retail in Jamaica Plain.

Each project is mission-driven, research-based, sustainable. Each strives to build sustainable community.

Please join us at the exhibit’s opening reception on March 5th, RSVP here. The curated exhibit celebrating 20 years of Women in Design Awards is on view through April 5, 2020.

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