#Pride2020 Part 1

2020 has delivered unique opportunities for both quiet reflection and unreserved action. Founded 27+ years ago to design ‘public interest architecture’, Studio G is committed to bold action to create as broadly a diverse team as we can achieve.

  • We believe diverse voices elicit great design
  • We believe in a supportive workplace
  • We believe in daily actions to show respect for everyone
  • We believe in all for love for all

To celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and honor #PrideMonth2020 we invited staff to share their experiences and perspectives. Designer Anthony Rodriguez shares his thoughts and experiences in part one of our two-part blog series.

As I reflect on Pride Month, I am  reminded of how I personally accepted myself for who I am as a gay man.

I hope that in the future, as a global society, that everyone is accepted for who they are without discrimination and persecution. We all live in a modern world where I believe no one should have to be afraid to be gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

For me, I knew I was different at a young age, but could not figure out what that was different about me. When I was in elementary school, I was not accepted by most of my classmates. I had a few good friends at the time, but always felt left out and alone. I was called names because I was not like everyone else and not considered normal. As I transitioned into high school, it was even harder for me to fit in as I was still figuring out who I was. I always heard people who I thought were my friends would be talking about me behind my back saying I was gay and I dismissed it because I myself did not think it was true.

When I moved on to college, being away from home and being in a new city, I felt I had a fresh start, and then I finally realized what was different about me. I said the words out loud to myself “I AM GAY” and in that moment, I fully accepted myself for who I am. However, I knew I could not fully accept myself until I came out to my family and my friends. My friends fully accepted and supported me and saw that I was happier person being my true self.

When I came out to my family, I was nervous and scared that they would not accept me. Luckily, when I came out to my parents, I felt the weight coming off my shoulders. I feel lucky that my family accepted me for who I am as a gay man. The still saw me as a loving and caring son and brother. With that, I know that not everyone is lucky in having friends and family support for someone of who they identify as. I wish that everyone could accept for who they are whatever they identify as. You should never have to be afraid to come out to anyone and you should never fight off for being different!

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