Earth Day 2021 Resources

Today is the 51st Earth Day. Started by in 1970, their mission is “to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.” Here is a great look back at that day 51 years ago and how Earth Day grew into a global campaign.

It just so happens that we are taking part in an integrated sustainable design workshop with The Green Engineer. Each month TGE sends Mixed Greens, an informative and insightful email blast full of expertise, industry best practices and developments, and TGE happenings. Their Earth Day 2021 issue is no exception. Whether you want to read, listen, watch, or participate in an activity, this e-blast has something for everyone.

#EarthDay2021 #EarthDayEveryDay #SaveTheEarth #ClimateChange #EarthWeek #Environment #GoGreen #Sustainability #Nature #MAEarthWeek

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