Mountain View School Update

We are always excited to see designs translated from ideas to digital images and files to the daily transformation of construction. In Easthampton at the PK-8 Mountain View School, contractor Fontaine Brothers are capturing the daily transformation.

Key elements to look out for:

0:21 – Entry canopy

Elementary School Entry

For a closer look at the elementary school entry, visit our blog post click here.

0:36 – First floor elementary classroom wing

Classrooms are designed for center-based learning with STEAM, literacy and ‘morning meeting’ zones; and flexible furnishings for individual and group work.

Elementary classrooms support center-based learning

0:39 – 2nd Floor Media Center Exterior

The perforated metal screen installation at the media center incorporates the design of children playing and provides shading of the southern exposure light.

Perforated metal screen pattern at media center provides southern exposure shading

1:24 – Elementary Courtyard

Courtyards will be used for outdoor learning and recreation activities. Glass curtain wall at Elementary Street will reduce glare and add visual interest. Pattern follows seating area and stairs to maintain visual connection to outdoors.

Courtyard view from the elementary street that connects each wing
Cloud-patterned glass curtainwall reduces glare and adds visual interest while maintaining outdoor visual connection at stairs and benches

Studio G Architects is proud to collaborate with Caolo & Bieniek as Associate Architect for Elementary School Design on this project for the Easthampton Public Schools and the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

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