New MA Building Energy Code – What You Need to Know

The upcoming changes to the state’s Building Energy Code in July can be a lot to digest and track. We wanted to come up with an easy-to-understand summary of the update for our clients, collaborators, and team. Low and behold, the BSA made our job a lot easier, publishing its own article that perfectly sums up the changes and offers key takeaways. Thank you, BSA, for making our life a little easier!

As the Studio G team prepared for the changes, we knew it was critical to current projects success that we review our projects to identify any impacts of the updated code. It’s exciting to see that three current Studio G projects—E+ Highland, Juniper Hill, and Nubian Ascends Artist Housing— already meet the new specialized net-zero opt-in code using rigorous Passive House standards.

“We are very excited to see the Passive House standard adopted as one of the compliance paths in the new code,” said Keihly Moore, Studio G’s Sustainable Design Coordinator.

“This allows us to focus on design that will deliver healthier, more resilient and comfortable indoor environments that use less energy and have less carbon impact on our world. With the attention to airtightness details and reducing thermal bridging, the buildings are more durable and robust. All of these factors combine to produce buildings that enhance the environment around them, weaving into the social and built fabric of the place. It is also exciting to see that affordable housing has been a leader in Passive House design in this region; great design and performance is not just for those who can afford it. We build great design for all!”

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