Florence Roche ES Construction Update

Things are moving along smoothly in Groton at the Florence Roche ES construction site. In January, all structural steel was installed, and the floor slabs are slated to be complete this month. Also on the docket for completion soon is the installation of the roofing, and windows will also arrive on site shortly. The exterior sheathing is in process of being installed as well. The goal is to have the building enclosed soon!

See photos below for a snapshot of what the site looks like right now!

A view standing at the front door looking across the lobby and through the media center to the Outdoor Learning Lab. Three skylights can be seen.

Progress on Stair D.

A view standing on the second floor looking east out the Stair D window.

A view looking west down the second-floor corridor over the existing Florence Roche building. When that building is demolished, it will make way for the completion of the front lawn area.

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