Massachusetts Revises MBE/WBE Participation Goals on Public Building Projects

As of January 1, 2012, Mass.-funded building construction projects, including state funded municipal projects, must meet the new Mass. Minority- and Women-Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE) participation goals. For design projects, the new goal is 17.9% combined MBE and WBE participation. The new goal removes the previous individual mandates for MBE and WBE participation and requires “reasonable” representation of both on projects, offering greater flexibility in establishing a project team.
Studio G Architects is a certified WBE by Massachusetts, with experience as prime design consultant with DCAM, DHCD, municipalities, and charter schools on a variety of projects. Studio G is also recognized by the Small Business Administration as a Woman-Owned Small Business. 
We welcome opportunities to join larger teams as a subconsultant, as we have on several projects. With NCARB-certified architects and licenses in numerous states, we are able to work in any state. 

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