Sturgis West Campus Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

The Sturgis School community, including students and their families, faculty and trustees, and neighbors and friends poured into the new Sturgis Charter Public School West Campus on Saturday September 15th for the school’s ribbon cutting.  Guests filled the amphitheater assembly area and surrounding hallways.  Executive Director Eric Hieser welcomed everyone to this momentous occasion for the opening of the new permanent modular school for Sturgis’ 2nd campus in Hyannis, MA.  At the outset, Eric was a skeptic of the potential for design to contribute to the educational experience, saying that “buildings do not make schools, people make schools.”

However, by the end of the design and construction process, Studio G Architects demonstrated that the design reflected Sturgis’ emphasis on formal and informal learning, group work, and delight in education.  Standing at the bottom of the amphitheater, surrounded by visitors, with natural daylight streaming from large windows and skylight above, Eric admitted “I will now grant that it is nice…to have a nice building.” 

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With the ribbon officially cut, students stationed themselves around the school and guided visitors throughout the building.  Excited whispers could be heard by students and parents alike—appreciation for the large windows, spacious classrooms and fully equipped art room and science labs: “compared to these classrooms, the old location was a cave!”  Some visitors noted details like the design of the amphitheater– “neat” was a word uttered often, upon turning the corner from the main entrance and entering the double-height skylit space. One student showed Job Captain Steve Michener how the lights dimmed automatically when the sun came out from behind the clouds, unaware that he helped design the daylight harvesting lighting controls.
The Ribbon Cutting was a success and the ‘Plank Owners’ of the new school are proud.  As Sturgis West’s Principal, Peter Steedman explained: “Plank Owners are …the first crew to sail a ship on her maiden voyage…. the crew was present when the ship was being built and therefore had first dibs on the ownerships of the planks on the main deck.”  And this year’s students and teachers are indeed plank owners.

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