The State of Pre-K Education in Boston

Quality early education of children is critical to individual children’s success, parents’ ability to work, and the well-being of our whole communities. Yet how we accomplish that early education of children seldom gets the attention it needs.  Akilah Johnson’s Boston Globe article titled “Boston Pre-K programs that make the grade” addresses significant issues raised as Boston and other municipalities move to provide pre-kindergarten within public school systems:  can public schools provide the kind of small group, nurturing environments offered at high quality pre-schools and child care centers?  At what age should children transition to school, and does the school entry process force the transition too early?

As an architect who has designed early education spaces for almost 30 years, I’m glad to see the conversation in the public sphere, with recognition for the expertise of people like Angela Paige Cook of Paige Academy, a former client of Studio G Architects.  Hopefully the Boston Public Schools and community-based programs like Paige Academy can find a collaborative approach that draws from the strengths of both, and therefore best serves children and families while offering a seamless transition to elementary school.

– Gail Sullivan, Managing Principal

Photo by Anton Grassl

MIT Stata Child Care Center, designed by Studio G Architects

Photo by Josh T. Reynolds

SPARK Child Care Center, designed by Studio G Architects with Holly Ben Joseph

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