Innovation Academy Charter School

Elevation detail for IACS new modular construction

Elevation detail for IACS new modular construction

The proposer selection process is now complete for a classroom expansion project at the Innovation Academy Charter School (IACS) located in Tyngsboro, MA. Studio G Architects will be working with Vanguard Modular Building Solutions to create an 18,000sqft single-story addition for the school using permanent modular construction. The program includes 15 classrooms for middle school students, as well as assorted faculty offices and a staff lounge. The new permanent modular building will be constructed using 20 pre-fabricated containers which will be placed on a pier and wall foundation.

According to Principal Architect, Sylvia Mihich, “This approach represents a substantial reduction to both project schedule and budget. Not only was the design and construction timeline expedited to approximately 12 months, but we also anticipate overall cost savings upwards of 15% over conventional construction.”

Studio G Architects previously developed a 10-year Master Plan for IACS to accommodate a planned enrollment increase from 600 to 800 students, and increased course offerings. The current classroom expansion is part of the first phase of work to be done in response to the school’s growth. Construction is expected to begin shortly and will be completed in August  2013.

Stay tuned for more information and project updates!

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