Microhousing: A Growing Discussion

12-11-20microaptGood things come in small packages. Can the same be said for housing? At Studio G, we believe smaller dwellings do have big potential. From apodments to microunits to pocket developments to cottages and more, the discussion surrounding microhousing (a catch-all term for sustainable, ultra-compact apartments with shared amenities) is growing. We recently spotted a few great articles published on Grist.com which explore the changing landscape of urban housing.

“Out are the super-sized McMansions in far-flung suburbs…In are new, 300 square-foot ‘micro’ apartments under consideration for wider development in dense cities such as New York, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle, which are seeking to attract young single adults who value affordable spaces in prime locations to call their own.”

We were encouraged to learn that city officials are seriously considering the impact of urban density. In fact, San Francisco (currently the most expensive rental market in the country) updated its city code to allow developers to build smaller, more affordable individual units at a minimum of 150 square feet, and last week the City of New York  unveiled a pilot microhousing project with units ranging from 275 to 350 square feet.

To learn more, visit:

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