Say what?! Studio G Communication Workshops

'Pitch' sessions in action at Studio G

‘Pitch’ sessions in action at Studio G

As architects, we use sketches, renderings, models and technical drawings to convey ideas to clients, contractors and consultants on a daily basis. But in order to become compelling and effective communicators we must also learn to harness our voice, posture and listening skills. Over the past several months, Studio G staffers were excited to participate in a series of workshops led by Communication Skills Consultant, Lauren Garlick. Using theatre-based skills and interactive techniques, Lauren helped us hone our leadership training, team building, presentation development and public speaking.

Lauren is an award-winning coach and educator who helps individuals and groups become more compelling and effective communicators. Trained in Speech, Drama, English and Teacher Education, Lauren has taught at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Stony Brook University, NY and Framingham State University, MA. She was awarded tenure at the Hebrew University and both the President’s Award and the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at Stony Brook University. Clients include business leaders, politicians, architects, university faculty, teachers, clergy and students in the United States, Israel, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

To learn more about Lauren’s workshops, visit:


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