Viva Design! An architectural tour of Cuba

Studio G Principal, Tamar Warburg, and her husband Phil traveled recently to Cuba with a study tour of architects from Boston, and presented a slide show to the Studio G staff. Of her trip, Tamar says, 
“It came at a pivotal moment in the history of Cuba. Havana feels as if it was frozen in time in 1959, but it remains to be seen if new investment and construction will respect traditional urbanism.  One the one hand, many Cubans are thrilled with the prospect of reopened communication and the economic boon of tourism with the United States.  One the other hand, preservations are concerned that the expected development not harm their architectural and urban treasures. We were also privileged to tour some masterpieces of the revolutionary period, including the School of Fine Arts on the site of a former country club golf course in Havana.”
To learn more about the architecture, art and history of Cuba, check out this fascinating podcast and accompanying images:
School of Fine Arts Havana detail
School of Fine Arts Havana
streetscapein central Havana

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